Gary’s Wifi Radio Project

Gary Dion (N4TXI) created a Wifi Radio to match his entertainment center.  His project is inspired by my original Wifi Radio project and shares several of the same parts (such as the Asus WL-520gU wireless router) and design philosophy.

Interesting features of Gary’s version of the radio:

  • Very cool 4 line VFD display allows more information to be shown at once (and it’s blue!)
  • AVR sends actual shell commands to the router, which allows the serial console to remain enabled for debugging/other purposes – brilliant!
  • Nice custom PCB for the ATmega8 microcontroller
  • Rotary encoder and significantly more advanced control menus
  • IR remote control support!

More details, photos, and source code are available on Gary’s site.

Thanks to the Make: blog for bringing this project to my attention!

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