4 thoughts on “Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset Pics”

  1. How did you get the case open? I’d really like to take mine apart without irreversibly breaking it.

  2. Bill – No worries! Keep us posted with your progress!

    bernyk – Nice! The headphone swap should be pretty straightforward. Let us know how it works out.

  3. haha i have one dissassembled, but i havent yet had a pair of headphoens Die on me that have the nice soft squishy ear pieces, im gonna swap out the casing and the speaker so that i can attach a nice comfortable ear piece, Plus shave off all the excess weight that way too so i can just stick it in my ear.

  4. . . . noone including me, just yet. Haven’t had any hacking time in the last little while, so it’s still sitting on the table.

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