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Bluetooth Headset inside a [toy] Handgun

MayorMike, inspired by the article I wrote for Make vol. 20 (Retro Wireless Handset), stuck a bluetooth headset in a plastic toy gun to create his Handgun Bluetooth Earpiece Project.  The best part – the earphone is located at the end of the barrel, so to answer a call, you stick it up to your ear.  Genius.

The innards are shown below.

Nice work, MayorMike!  May I suggest that you pair this with a Hand Grenade MP3 Player?

via BoingBoing

Rigol DS1052E 50MHz to 100MHz scope hack

Hack a Day posted yesterday that a guy named Ross turned his 50MHz Rigol DS1052E into a 100MHz capable instrument by removing part of a lowpass filter on the analog inputs.

I think it remains to be seen whether there are any other mods required to make this work like a real DS1102E (ie. does the 1052E firmware limit the minimum horizontal timescale?) but this is hardware hacking at its finest!

Read more about it on the EEVblog forums.