Getting settled in Austin

Welcome to Texas

We made it!  Driving a moving truck almost 2000 miles across America was no picnic (it gets HOT in Arizona) but ~4 days of travel were relatively uneventful (only one flat tire!). Pretty much everything made it intact, including a few hundred pounds of lab benches and equipment.  (Note to self, next time get twice as many moving pads as seems necessary!)

My wife and I have been getting acquainted with our new city.  One of the interesting/unique things about Austin is the local trailer food scene.  One example, shown below, is odd duck, where you can purchase local, sustainable, gourmet wood fired food out of a trailer in South Austin.  Yum.

odd duck

The biggest downside to Austin I have found so far (aside from the lack of In-n-Out and Trader Joe’s) has been the pitiful upstream bandwidth that Time Warner provides with their Roadrunner internet service.   Check out these Speedtest results:

Time Warner Austin 8/2/10

Holy asymmetric internet access, Batman!

Compare those results with this test I ran before I packed up my computer in San Francisco:

Comcast San Francisco 6/30/10

Over 4 megabits!  If only I knew how lucky I was on Comcast when I could upload entire Flickr albums and HD videos in minutes!

Time Warner – 512K?  Really?

Ok, that’s enough for now – time to unpack the power supplies and oscilloscope.

PS. I almost forgot.  There are a few pictures of the move on Flickr.

9 thoughts on “Getting settled in Austin”

  1. I tested my upstream bandwidth another way, by uploading a file to a site with lots of bandwidth. The results met my expectations.

    512kbit/s * 1 byte/8bits = 64kbytes/s max upload speed.

    Which is about what I got.

    I haven’t tested downstream.

  2. I ran the on my ISP (Cable One) and although I have 10mb service, it clocked nearly 20mb on the download test…. The test server connection was not local and the automatic server showed a 130ms ping. I know where the cable company routes their service and manually picked a location in Dallas and got a 60ms ping. Both tests came in at exactly the same 18.97 download and .97 upload.

    I have NEVER seen that type of throughput in real usage. This REALLY smells like some creative cooking with a local cable caching server.

      1. Does Verizon or SW Bell service your area? SW Bell (ATT) has that U-Verse service. That’s available in my neighborhood, but haven’t extended the lines to my street from the trunk 2 streets over :-/

        I’m in the area serviced my a ma and pop cable provider, but I’m still getting 9 down 1.5 up……

        1. No Verizon, no AT&T / SW Bell. 🙁

          It looks like there is a 4G/WiMAX(?) provider in town, but they don’t say what their bandwidth limits are.

    1. Josh –

      I think Seattle is a little too far from Mexico to have good Mexican food. I’ll give Taco Xpress a try, thanks for the link!

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