3 thoughts on “Video: Staver Electromechanical Vane Display”

  1. If your still looking for something like this I know of someone who has a box of 3″ tall ones for few dollars each. Just the displays no electronics. I am going to make a clock.

  2. I found i nice little 4 gang of these on a circuit board in the electro mechanical junk box at work that i thought would be funny to make into a giant wrist watch. Yet another little project i poke at now and again.

    Our company used to make outdoor scoreboards. The two brands we used to get were Bodet and Signalex. After about 2003 it was really difficult to source at least those brands for replacements here in Australia.

    I remember asking if we could order some replacement electromagnet vanes for some busted digits we had (you could replace individual segments). Often the reply was that i should try to rewind them instead……bleh…. which i never did


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