Oh look, it’s a TGIMBOEJ!  This one is box GRAY-R.  It made its last stop in Portland, OR.


If the USPS ever opens this box for inspection, they will get a nice surprise…


Lots of junk!


This is what I took:

  • A SAW voice recorder
  • A Game Boy (with Dr. Mario!) – not working
  • An Ultra Road Whiz
  • Some misc PCBs from Laen’s PCB service
  • A muffin fan
  • Some indicator holders / Keystone electronics bits
  • A pedometer
  • An LED +1 indicator
  • A transformer


This is what I contributed to the box:

  • A giant graphics LCD panel
  • A big electrolytic cap
  • A Maxwell ultracapacitor (1F @ 2.5V or some other silly thing)
  • A Sparkfun Simon Game
  • A Radio Shack Voice Synthesizer IC Set
  • A curiously strong dual-rotor fan
  • A blue LED pen thingy
  • An alarm control panel
  • A solenoid
  • Alarm clock guts
  • A bunch of 100uF electrolytic caps
  • Some RCA jacks
  • Some IEC jacks
  • An electromechanical counter
  • A couple LED strips
  • A composite video camera
  • An ECE-108 electronics lab kit (741’s and some digital logic)
  • Velcro


This week I’m releasing the box out into the world again.

Next destination – Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. Thanks. this reminded me to check my status. I updated the webpage my link points to.

    I hope to get the box one day.

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