Surplus Summit 2012 Part One: Los Angeles

Testing 47GHz radios
(Photo: Tony KC6QHP testing out his 47GHz amateur radio. Remember this post? All that work paid off, the radio works!)

Last month I cashed in some airline miles and finally got to visit some old friends and spend some time in beautiful Southern California. Some long-time readers of the blog may remember the last time I did something like this in 2009.

While I was there I visited my good friend Tony in Los Angeles, and we went on a tour of surplus electronics and swap meets that we called Surplus Summit 2012.

All of the surplus stores mentioned here are listed on the Surplus Electronics wiki page, which is continually being updated and expanded. (Do you know of a place to find surplus electronics in your area? Add it to the wiki!)

If you want to see more scenes from Surplus Summit 2012, there are lots more photos from my trip on flickr.

Here are a few highlights from our tour:

C&H Surplus, Duarte, CA

C&H is the best surplus electronics store I have visited since The Black Hole in Los Alamos. Test equipment, weird scientific stuff, motors, gears, components, the works. The owner, Rick, is a nice guy with a good sense of humor. This place is awesome and a well worth a visit.

(Note: C&H is only open Thursday-Saturday.)
C&H Surplus
One of my favorite connectors
Awesome drawing
C&H Surplus
More pics!

W6TRW Swap Meet, Redondo Beach, CA

This swap meet has been around forever is held on the last Saturday of every month, rain or shine, even if that Saturday falls on Christmas, etc. Get there early, the swap was hopping by 8AM.

This is an amateur radio swap meet but there is lots of computer stuff (too much!) and general electronics.

W6TRW Swap Meet
W6TRW Swap Meet
Eimac Tube
Novice and technician handbook
Science Never Stops
Really old LEDs
More pics!

All Electronics, Van Nuys, CA

Not that many people realize that All Electronics has an actual retail store in Van Nuys. It’s small but fun to visit. Not everything in the catalog is out on the shelves, but there are also some big things that probably won’t ever make it in the catalog.
All Electronics
Traffic Lights
More pics!

APEX Electronics, Sun Valley, CA

I visited Apex in 2009. Lots of stuff, much of it junk, but there a few interesting odds and ends. I hear that these guys supply the film industry with a lot of props.
Apex Electronics
Govt. Owned Material
Don't be Vague...
Turbo housings

More pics!

That’s it for LA. Stay tuned for Surplus Summit Part Two: San Diego next week!

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  1. Cool post! I’ve been to a Apex a couple times and the TRW is nearly a monthly must hit for me but I’m looking for some old lab/workshop/science classroom style furniture and haven’t been having a lot of luck. Did you happen to notice if any of the Southern California places that you visited had a selection of items in this vein?

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