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LVA Geiger Counter

Image of Geiger Counter v2.0

Veselin Georgiev created this custom Geiger counter based on the MightyOhm Geiger Counter kit. Veselin’s version, called the LVA Geiger Counter, includes several changes:

  • A 7-segment display with brightness control shows the measured radiation level in uSv/hr or total counts since startup.
  • ATmega88 instead of ATtiny2313 to allow more space for firmware extensions.
  • Battery level monitoring with alarm.
  • Phono jack pulse output for connection to monitoring software.

Kits are available from robotev (shipping to Bulgaria and Balkan-area only).

See you at the Open Hardware Summit & NY Maker Faire!

Two exciting events are coming up in September – the New York Maker Faire and the 2011 Open Hardware Summit.  This year I’m fortunate to be traveling to New York for both events, and I’m looking forward to meeting other makers and OSHW enthusiasts.

I should be easy to spot, I’ll be the guy wearing a Geiger counter around his neck (and hopefully not being hassled by security).

If you’re not coming to the summit and you’re interested in seeing my open source Geiger counter in person, stop by my booth at the Maker Faire.  I’ll be doing various demonstrations and will also have kits for sale.

See you there!

Introducing the MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit

Geiger Counter Kit - Finished

Look!  A new kit!

I admit that I’ve been working on this one for a while.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been far too busy doing everything last minute and fixing bugs to post here!

I designed this Geiger Counter kit specifically so I could give a workshop at Chaos Communication Camp 2011.  I just couldn’t fly halfway around the world only to show up at a hacker conference empty-handed!

My workshops are tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Saturday.  I’m not bringing very many kits, so if you’re coming to Camp, sign up early!

More information about the kit is here.  I’ll be adding more documentation over the next couple weeks.

Hopefully I’ll also be showing off this kit next month at the OSHW Summit and the NY Maker Faire.

OSHW Logo Announced, Eagle ULP available

On Thursday, the OSHW folks announced the results of their logo selection process.

The logo shown above, created by Macklin Chaffee, will soon become a regular feature of OSHW designs.  You can expect to see it silkscreened onto printed circuit boards, CNC-cut into metal enclosures, and laser engraved onto just about anything.

It has been interesting to see OSHW supporters scramble to translate the logo into their preferred formats, including SVG (more variants here) and gEDA.  It’s also interesting that the logo is so new that there doesn’t seem to be any consensus about how it should be displayed – filled or outline, with text or without.

Eagle users can thank Westfw for creating an Eagle ULP that will draw the OSHW logo with a configurable outside diameter.  There is more information about the ULP on the OSHW forum.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m looking forward to adding the logo to my own open source hardware designs.