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Just a few Geiger Counter kits left, online store closes tomorrow at midnight

This week only, $99.95 gets you a Geiger Counter kit with sensitive SBM-20 Geiger tube and a clear acrylic case.

Thanks to everyone who has been taking advantage of the reduced pricing on Geiger Counter kits this week, there are just a handful left in stock.

If you’ve been holding out on placing an order, now might be a good time. There’s a fair chance that I’ll run out of kits before I close the online store at midnight tomorrow (CDT).

PS: There are still some HV Rescue Shields in stock as well.

Update: I have been asked if I am closing up shop permanently – hopefully not!  I plan to reopen the online store after I move to Seattle, but my new day job might slow down the process a bit. I’ll post updates as I get settled.