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Happy Holidays from MightyOhm!

Happy Holidays from MightyOhm

Happy Holidays everyone! The image above is a nixie tube Christmas ornament project that I started last year but didn’t finish in time for Christmas. In typical fashion I did one or two revs to the PCB in late December and early January and then got busy and shelved the project until last weekend. It’s still not quite finished but the first two ornaments look pretty good!

Geiger Counter Kits are selling very quickly this year but there are still plenty in stock here and at Amazon.com, Elektor, and Sparkfun. There is still time to order before the holidays! These kits make great gifts!

PS. AVR HV Rescue Shields are also in stock on my site as well as Amazon.

MightyOhm Kits are now available from Amazon.com

Exciting news!

My hobby electronics kits are now available from my Amazon store with free expedited shipping for Prime members.

Direct links below:

MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit Bundle – This version of the kit includes a sensitive SBM-20 Geiger tube, laser-cut case, and 2xAAA batteries. If you already own a soldering iron, wire cutters, and have a spool of solder handy, this bundle includes everything you need to build the kit. This is a great project for a snowy afternoon this winter and these kits make great gifts.

MightyOhm AVR HV Rescue Shield – This is the kind of kit that you don’t know you need until you REALLY need it. Great for AVR microcontroller enthusiasts.

I’m also selling SBM-20 Geiger Counter tubes on Amazon. These tubes are getting more challenging to source so grab one before they are all gone.

Rescue Shield Kits (PCBs + components) are back in stock!

I sold out of Rescue Shield kits just after the holidays. Fortunately, new PCBs and components arrived last week. Hooray for no back-ordered components this time! What used to be the norm is now the exception. (Technically, green LEDs did ship a week later than the rest, but as I was still busy soldering boards it didn’t affect the overall lead time to produce kits.)

I’m happy to announce that kits are back in stock now.

You can order one on the Rescue Shield kit page.