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HV Rescue Shield Kit Blowout! Kits are now 50% off at Amazon.com

For a limited time, my AVR HV Rescue Shield kit is on sale for 50% off at Amazon.com.

These kits are handy for modifying the fuse bytes on many popular Atmel Microchip AVR microcontrollers. The Rescue Shield works even when traditional serial programmers can’t talk to the AVR. This can happen if the AVR’s clock source isn’t set correctly or reset is disabled.

Using this shield, you can effectively “unbrick” your AVR. You’ll need a standard Arduino (not included) to use the shield.

There’s software and lots more information on the kit page.

Get one while supplies last!

Sale runs through April 1st.

Rescue Shield Kits (PCBs + components) are back in stock!

I sold out of Rescue Shield kits just after the holidays. Fortunately, new PCBs and components arrived last week. Hooray for no back-ordered components this time! What used to be the norm is now the exception. (Technically, green LEDs did ship a week later than the rest, but as I was still busy soldering boards it didn’t affect the overall lead time to produce kits.)

I’m happy to announce that kits are back in stock now.

You can order one on the Rescue Shield kit page.

Rescue your bricked AVR micro with the Rescue Shield, now back in stock!

Rescue Shield kits are (finally!) back in stock.

AVR HV Rescue Shield

The Rescue Shield is a 100% open source, Arduino-based high voltage mode fuse programmer for AVR microcontrollers.

It allows you bring  an otherwise “bricked” or misconfigured AVR back to life by editing the configuration fuses that control the operation of the RESET pin, the internal oscillator, and other features of the microcontroller. The Rescue Shield can talk to chips when ordinary ISP programmers can’t.

Follow this link to learn more and place an order.