HV Rescue Shield kit back in stock

HV Rescue Shield 2

HV Rescue Shield kits are (finally) back in stock!  You can order one here.

2 thoughts on “HV Rescue Shield kit back in stock”

  1. The HV rescue shield is a real gem! I’ve recovered quite a few “accidentally bricked” AVR chips. When you screw up a fuse setting, sometimes the only way back is to use the HV programming mode.

    A suggestion though… the board should be designed to use only one socket footprint (28 pin x 0.300) and then insert any chip, referenced to the bottom of the socket. Also, holes large enough to solder in a ZIF socket would be nice. Currently they are just a small fraction of a millimeter too small.

    Otherwise, both thumbs up for the HV Rescue Shield!

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