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Yes, kits are in stock and shipping as usual.

I’ve received a number of inquiries over the past several days about the status of kit sales.

Due to COVID-19, Washington state is in lockdown.

However, since I operate my small business out of my home, MightyOhm is still up and running.

USPS is still collecting mail and kits are shipping as usual. One of the nice things about my kits is that they fit in a small padded envelope or a USPS small flat rate box, which can be mailed at any post office collection box. I pass by several USPS boxes on my frequent walks (following social distance guidelines), so I’m able to mail packages per usual.

Geiger counter kits are still on sale. The sale has been extended through June.

Economy shipping is now available for international customers

Starting today I am now offering two shipping options for international customers – expedited and economy shipping.

As some folks are no doubt already aware, USPS Priority Mail International costs have more than doubled in the past few years.

Back in 2009 it cost about $12.95 to ship a USPS small flat rate box overseas. As of this year, the cost to ship that same small flat rate box is now over $30!

I’ve received feedback from several customers that the costs to ship overseas were too high, so I started looking at other options and found that USPS First-Class Package International offers slower delivery times (4-6 weeks) but costs less than half as much as USPS Priority Mail. In fact, the current USPS First-Class Package International rates are pretty close to what I was paying for Priority Mail when I first started selling kits. With this new economy shipping option, I can ship a single kit to Canada for $9.50 and to most of the rest of the world for $13.50.

I hope that the economy option appeals to overseas customers who are willing to wait a bit longer to receive their kit. For folks who are more impatient, I am still offering Expedited shipping (via USPS Priority Mail). For super time-critical orders I can also offer Express shipping on a case by case basis (please contact me before placing your order).

To learn more about my kits or to place an order:
MightyOhm Geiger Counter
AVR HV Rescue Shield

Important note: Regardless of shipping method, VAT taxes, duties, import tariffs, customs fees, etc. are always the responsibility of the buyer.