Asus WL-520GU for $19.99 after MIR

Wifi Radio Project has the ASUS WL-520gU Wireless Router on sale again for $19.99 after MIR. This is the cheapest I have seen it this year.  You can do a lot of cool stuff with this device, aside from using it as intended – as a very low cost wireless router + print server, for less than half the cost of the famous Linksys WRT54GL.

Sale ends 12/31.

ASUS WL-520gU Wireless Router at

8 thoughts on “Asus WL-520GU for $19.99 after MIR”

  1. Angel – Unfortunately I have heard that same complaint before. If anyone finds a cheap source for these overseas, please post about it here!

  2. Anyone know a reasonably prices source for these in Europe/UK. They are shockingly expensive over here!

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ve received advice to use the lua language as an alternative.
    I’ve had an attempt at compiling but it didnt go too well. I cant decide whether to try lua or hold out for a python install??

    Either way thanks for your great website. It’s offered some great tips/notes.


  4. Hello,

    Perhaps a question that you may or may not be able to help with?? but I downloaded your build of openwrt and flashed a ASUS WL-500g Premium V2 and it worked ok. I added a usb drive.

    But I’m having trouble getting Python to run/install! Have you had a crack at getting python to work??

    Apologies if this comment/query is in the correct location.


    1. I compiled Python but it was huge, >2MB, too big to fit along with the OS on the WL-520gU. For this reason I didn’t include it on the site. Perl is a bit more lightweight, and microperl is only ~400k so if you can live with a stripped down version of Perl, try installing microperl instead. Unfortunately these high level languages are very resource heavy and don’t play well with the router.

      The WL-500g V2 has twice the flash of the 520, so you might be able to install Python if you don’t have much else on the router.

      Do you have a way of compiling packages yourself?

  5. Congrats on this series on hacking an embedded Linux system. Reading it was a pleasure! It’s really amazing what a creative mind can do. What puzzles me though is why manufacturers, who must know what potential their product has, don’t promote it accordingly. This could just be a link on the product page or a few pages in a wiki. Doesn’t cost much, easy to do and could boost the sales. Your readers living in the US can consider themselves lucky, 20$ for this device is a real bargain. The cheapest store in Europe I could find sells it for 50€, still 35€ on ebay.

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