Horowitz and Hill: The Art of Electronics

The Art of Electronics, by Horowitz and Hill, has been referred to by some as the electronics bible.  Within its 1125 pages are everything from a “what is a resistor?” level introduction to passive and active circuits to a thorough treatment of op-amps, phased locked loops, logic family interfacing, and shielding and noise elimination techniques.  This book has some of everything, at least everything that was relevant to electronics engineering in 1989 when it was last updated.

True, this means it is horribly out of date with regards to computers, microcontrollers, and EDA/CAD tools – but this is a book about fundamentals, not the latest fad in physical computing (ie. Arduino).

The authors even have a cool website (admittedly it was last updated in 1999) with a list of unusual uses of The Book (note proper capitalization).

There are rumors of a third edition to be released in 2010.

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