2 thoughts on “Rescue Shield Documentation Updates”

  1. Hi Ken –

    The RESET voltage should be between 11.5 and 12.5V while the burn LED is on.

    To burn the EFUSE you need to have the option BURN_EFUSE to set to 1 in the sketch. What EFUSE bytes are you trying to program, and is it on the tiny2313 or the m168? I noticed in my testing that some EFUSE bits can’t be changed – make sure you are trying to set a valid EFUSE value.

  2. Hello Jeff – I just finished the rescue Shield and it seems to work nicely for a t2313 chip – only have a single m168 chip so could not try that one yet. The lfuse and hfuse settings change per my request, but the efuse doesn’t seem to change.

    What should the voltage on pin #1 (RESET) line be? Is there an acceptable range of voltage?

    Thank you, Ken H>

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