First open water test of the MFC

Madox Floating Camera (MFC)

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Madox, who created a floating camera platform based on an Asus WL-520gU wireless router and called it the Madox Floating Camera, or MFC.

Great news – he finished putting the MFC together just in time for the Australian Battle Group meet on June 6th and posted some pictures and videos of it in action.  Apparently the assembly involved a lot of duct tape and he had a few minor issues with the rig, but you can’t tell from the videos!

For technical details about this project, check out his MFC project page.

Here’s a sample video of scale warship combat as seen by the MFC:

(Note: your speakers are not broken, there is no audio!)

I really love this project and I hope to keep reading about it as Madox works out the bugs.

Madox – Keep up the good work!

Madox.NET » Australian Battle Group – National Battle Meet 6 June 2009.

3 thoughts on “First open water test of the MFC”

  1. What do you mean Bill?

    I’ve got my grubby little hands on a ‘HTC Magic’ phone and the camera streams back to the device just fine. Little remote control and live video viewer all in one!

    Though it wasn’t too bad with my friend’s tablet either (A HP TX2), viewing live video from the camera, recording it, and controlling it at the same time 🙂

  2. Here is a product desperately needed by model ship warriors as well as model boat racers, both sail and motor. The problem has never been the sender, but the receiver. You can’t carry a 110V TV screen to the pond. Now if you could attach a receiver/screen to your hand held radio controller, you win!, no doubt. Also, it has application to the new hobby of model tank warfare, and the yet to be discovered model humanoid robotic fighters. This is taking its cue from the military. They have miniature creepy-crawlies that infiltrate into enemy territory and report back unseen and unheard; every infantryman’s dream.
    I want some of these, yes sir!!

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