Revised McMaster-Carr website is faster, allows deep linking

New McMaster-Carr Website

Great news!  McMaster-Carr has revised their spectacular online catalog to allow deep linking.  The site seems to be much snappier overall so I suspect there have been some other less obvious improvements under the hood as well.

Now if only we could get the folks at Digikey to adopt McMaster’s splendid drill-down search interface, we could revolutionize the mail order electronics parts industry…

I can dream, can’t I?

New McMaster Website – MakerBot Industries.

2 thoughts on “Revised McMaster-Carr website is faster, allows deep linking”

  1. I second that.
    McMaster is a regular source. I like catalogs, but the McMaster site is pretty user friendly. Digikey and Jameco both have crappy sites. A site should allow impulse purchases.

    I’ve run across stuff on McMaster that I had no idea existed. If I go to Digikey looking for a Lighted, Vandal resistant pushbutton, I’ve got to look at each item to see what looks best/ works best. More often than not, I go somewhere else.

  2. Take a look at you can search a bunch of electronics parts suppliers and it has a pretty nice interface. But I agree, Digikey really needs to update their interface.

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