4 thoughts on “Misleading Newark Adsense Ad”

  1. Ugh, yeah. Good luck finding those! Octopart says that Farnell has 8u2s in stock, but no 16u2 or 32u2 anywhere.

    Months ago, I put in orders for 32u4s with all the major parts houses (8 or 9 of ’em). I just got 25 32u4s back from digikey a few weeks ago.

    It’s enough to make a person want to go PIC.

    1. I have plenty of 8u2’s, but I think the PS3 crowd has eaten up all the 32u2’s and it will be months before the factory can make new ones. Digikey is showing January.

      I am still waiting on some TQFP’s I ordered mid-summer. It is completely depressing how hard it is to find parts these days.

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