Microcontroller Mondays @ ATX Hackerspace

ATmega8U2/16U2/32U2 Breakout Board

I am hosting a weekly microcontroller study group at the ATX Hackerspace. If you are interested in learning about microcontrollers in a casual setting, come on by at 7:30pm tonight.

Tonight at 7:30pm we will hold our weekly evening of microcontroller exploration, otherwise known as Microcontroller Monday.

The idea is not to have a fixed agenda or format.  This is not a class, though I’m pretty sure everyone who comes will learn something.

Some examples of things we might do on MM:

– start learning about the MSP430 and play with the MSP430 launchpads at the space
– have Danny and Christian teach us about the dsPIC
– build some USB devices and play with LUFA (the open source AVR USB library)
– corrupt Arduino users with the notion that there is something beyond analogWrite()
– discuss related topics, like circuit design, PCB layout, etc.

If any of this sounds interesting, consider stopping by tonight.

I plan to be at the space from 7:30 to around 10PM, but that doesn’t mean people can’t start hacking earlier or stay later.  While this event is open to non-members, since a member needs to be present to keep the space open, non-members should adhere to the 7:30pm – 10pm schedule.

ATX Hackerspace maintains a calendar so you can stay up to date with this and other goings-on at the space.

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