HV Rescue Shield 2.0 status update

Just before the holidays, an issue with the Rescue Shield 2.0 (which I have at times referred to as “2.x”) was identified.  The issue involves problems reading/writing to parts that have certain startup timer (SUT) fuse values set.

There is some more information about the issue on the forums and in a previous post here and I created a Known Issues page on the wiki.

While this issue will not affect most users (this is why no one, including me, noticed it until now), I am currently working on a fix.  Initially I had hoped that I could fix the problem in software, but after spending far too much time pursuing that approach, I have decided to address it with a hardware change instead.  This should make for a much more robust solution.  I’m in the process of revising the hardware this week and hope to release a new version of the shield in the near future.

As soon as I heard about the issue in December, I stopped taking orders for Rescue Shield kits.  Kits and PCBs will show up as out of stock until I release the new version.

I’ll post another update when I have an estimate of when kits will be available again.

Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “HV Rescue Shield 2.0 status update”

  1. Will you be providing directions for hardware fixes for those of us who purchased the kit before the problem was uncovered? Thanks.

    1. The plan is to send out replacement kits to the awesome people who ordered 2.0 as soon as it came out. I’ll be in touch when the new kit is available. 🙂

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