HV Rescue Shield Update #3

A quick update on the HV Rescue Shield:

About a week ago, I completed testing on a new switching circuit that allows me to leave the DC-DC converter on full-time and switch the RESET signal very quickly (risetimes in the microseconds).   Now there shouldn’t be any more  issues getting parts with zero SUT to enter HVSP/HVPP mode.

It’s taken a lot longer than I expected to get to this point, but the results look very good. I have had 100% success reading/writing all parts I have tested.

PCBs are on order and due to ship by the end of the week.  Assuming the layout is good and I didn’t just order a large batch of stylish (but small) coasters, I should have kits in stock again by the end of next week.

Watch here for updates, and my apologies to everyone who has been waiting on a kit – new and improved kits should be available soon.

Update 2/1: PCBs came in while I was away last week, and are currently being held at my local Fedex office, which is closed due to the power outages that are affecting Austin today.  Apparently Austin does not handle prolonged sub-freezing temperatures very well.   As soon as I can get my hands on the boards, it should only be a day or two before kits are available again.

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  1. Hi
    VERY GOOD NEWS, any pre-orders? just to be sure I get my board. Need it “desperately” …
    Thank you very much

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