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Arduino Oops!

Closeup side view under the microscope

That’s a closeup of resistor R1 on my new Arduino Uno board.  See how the left terminal isn’t touching the solder bump on the land pad?  That’s not good.

Surprisingly, my Arduino seems to work just fine with one side of the resistor open.  Arduino, don’t let the cost reduction guys see this one, or they’ll eliminate it in the next rev!

More photos of the tombstoned resistor on my Arduino Uno.

The Arduino team has responded to other claims of manufacturing defects (most of which seem fairly trivial) in their blog post “One bad Arduino doesn’t spoil the barrel“. I have already contacted my reseller and will do everything possible to help Arduino improve their manufacturing process and quality control.

AVR HV Rescue Shield Code Update 1.2

Version 1.2 of the Arduino sketch that powers the AVR HV Rescue Shield is now available for download.

The revised sketch now displays the target AVR’s existing fuse settings before asking you for new ones.

I also cleaned up and reworked the code in a couple places, but these changes shouldn’t affect the existing functionality.

If you have any issues or questions about the new code, post them in the support forum or contact me directly.