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David Nichols’ Tweetster, a wireless Twitter display

David Nichols made this awesome wireless twitter display by combining a hacked Asus WL-520gU wireless router with a Sparkfun serial-enabled LCD display.  The router is running the same OpenWrt distribution I used for my Wifi Radio project, plus a USB thumbdrive that provides some additional flash storage space.  I really like the custom laser cut base that holds the LCD display and the router!

For more pics and info, check out David’s flickr set for the project.

via Make: Online – Tweetster – Wireless tweets display

Tweet-a-watt uses WL-520gU for Data Acquisition

Ladyada of Adafruit Industries created the Tweet-a-Watt to monitor energy usage in her apartment.

Each Tweet-a-Watt device contains some power monitoring electronics and an Xbee module.  The Xbee modules relay energy usage data for each Tweet-a-Watt back to a single receiver, which collects the data.

In staying with the overall green theme of the project, Ladyada used an Asus Wl-520gU wireless router to control the receiver and collect data.  This is the same router I used for my Wifi Radio project!  The WL-520gU consumes ~5W and has enough horsepower to run the python data acquisition scripts while still acting as a cablemodem gateway.

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