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Behind the Scenes – Geiger Counter Case Fab


The new case for my Geiger Counter kit started with a CAD drawing of the top and bottom case panels, as shown above.

I am very fortunate to have access to a ULS laser cutter at ATX Hackerspace, which is perfect for cutting 1/8″ acrylic and has a 32×18″ bed.

ULS Laser Cutter @ ATX Hackerspace

I made a few quick prototypes with some scrap acrylic and hardware I had in the lab.  The version shown here is the first iteration, which had taller standoffs and no battery cutout.

Prototype Case

Once I was satisfied with the design, I created an array of panels.  18 cases (36 individual panels) fit on a 32×18″ sheet of acrylic, which just fits in the bed of the laser cutter.


The laser cuts out each panel in the array.

Laser cutting Geiger Counter cases

Here’s a video of the laser cutter in action – the audio is a bit loud, so you might want to turn down your speakers.

This is what the sheet looks like when the laser is done.

Mmm, freshly cut cases!

Freshly cut cases!

Add a few screws and standoffs and this is the result:

Geiger Counter Case

A beautiful clear acrylic case for my Geiger Counter kit!

Austin Hackerspace Pics

Austin Hackerspace
A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to witness the birth of a brand new hackerspace while visiting Austin for a few days.

The aptly named Austin Hackerspace is located a few minutes south of downtown (on Ben White Blvd.) in an unassuming shop building (very easy to miss, look for the enDesign sign).

By California standards, the space is pretty big (insert joke about Texas here):

Austin Hackerspace

The founders are taking an interesting approach to building the hackerspace.  Studios are being constructed around the outside of the space.  They are renting 1/4 studio slots to interested hackers that need a place to store their stuff or work on projects in a quiet, air conditioned environment.

Austin Hackerspace

Access to the common areas is free (as long as a key-carrying member is present).  There are already some tools available for shared-use, such as the large CNC X-Y stage (a work in progress) shown here:

Austin Hackerspace

There is also lounge with a video projector for meetings (dorkbot!) and some comfy chairs.

Austin Hackerspace

Drill presses and other tools (which I assume will be available for use in the space) are being temporarily stored inside a large paint booth, which will also be available to members.

Austin Hackerspace

On my way out, I spotted some evidence that there will be some interesting hacking happening here in the near future…

Austin Hackerspace

Interested in helping out?   They are looking for volunteers.  More photos are here, and more info  about the space is available at austinhackerspace.org.