HV Rescue Shields are back in stock!

March 24th, 2013 by Jeff

AVR HV Rescue Shield

It took a couple weeks longer than I expected, but HV Rescue Shield kits are back in stock now.

Order yours today!

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4 Responses to “HV Rescue Shields are back in stock!”

  1. ElectroNick says:

    We could also call this an “I/O lines expander” – if you’re not dependent on ISCP, then you can free up the Reset pin and get that 6th I/O line you always wanted :) (speaking in terms of the smaller chips like Attiny13 that always seem to have one I/O less than you actually need)

    • Jeff says:

      ElectroNick – That is an excellent suggestion – on low pincount parts you often need to take advantage of every IO pin you can get.

  2. Debojit says:

    Hi i have made the arduino shield using the previous version. unfortunately it is not working. i tried with a bricked chip, it did not fix the chip; i tried with a good chip only to see if the hvpp is working or not, but the good one’s fuse also remained unaltered. i have checked the connection and seems ok.
    few pointers i wanted to mention:
    1. I am using a pc atx psu to get the 12vdc.
    2. between 12 v and collector of 2n2222 i am using 2.2k instead of 1k resistor.
    3. Not using any protection resistors.

    Please help

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