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Nothing Labs review of the MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit

Rich Olsen, creator of the Electronic Cloud Chamber and proprietor of Nothing Labs, just posted a video review of the MightyOhm Geiger Counter kit on YouTube:

If you didn’t get to see Rich’s cloud chamber at the NY Maker Faire, you’ll definitely want to check it out. This thing is awesome! (And he has kits and test sources for sale!)

Nothing Labs Cloud Chamber

Here’s a video that shows it in operation. I can personally attest that it looks just as good (if not better) in person.

If you can’t afford one of his (very nicely put together) cloud chamber kits, Rich also wrote an instructable that will show you how to make your own cloud chamber with an ATX power supply and two Peltier coolers.

Thanks for the review, Rich!

Geiger Counter Kits are (finally) in stock!

Geiger Counter Kit

Geiger Counter kits are now in stock!  You can order one below or go visit the Geiger Counter kit page to learn more.

There are currently three ordering options:

  • You can buy the complete Geiger Counter kit with a tested, known good SBM-20 Geiger-Muller tube included (recommended).
  • You can buy the same kit with all parts except the Geiger tube (in case you already have one).
  • Or, you can purchase a bare PCB only (for experimenters).

You can select one of these options below:

Geiger Kit Options

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.  Allow 1-2 weeks for order processing and delivery.

Introducing the MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit

Geiger Counter Kit - Finished

Look!  A new kit!

I admit that I’ve been working on this one for a while.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been far too busy doing everything last minute and fixing bugs to post here!

I designed this Geiger Counter kit specifically so I could give a workshop at Chaos Communication Camp 2011.  I just couldn’t fly halfway around the world only to show up at a hacker conference empty-handed!

My workshops are tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Saturday.  I’m not bringing very many kits, so if you’re coming to Camp, sign up early!

More information about the kit is here.  I’ll be adding more documentation over the next couple weeks.

Hopefully I’ll also be showing off this kit next month at the OSHW Summit and the NY Maker Faire.