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Retro Wireless Handset featured as Make: Weekend Project

In this week’s Make: Weekend Project, KipKay shows us how to turn a Bluetooth headset into a retro-styled wireless handset.

This project is based on the ‘Retro Wireless Handset’ article I wrote for Make: magazine volume 20.

KipKay also posted a pdf version of the article so now you can read about this project even if you’re not a Make: subscriber.


Kit Building Party Photos & Video

This weekend I hosted a post-Halloween kit building party at MightyOhm HQ.

Nine close friends built Conway’s Game of Life kits from Adafruit Industries.  This is my favorite kit for these kinds of workshops because it’s easy for beginners to complete in about 2 hours, and when everyone is done, you can wire all of the kits together to create one large cellular automata display.  The last time I helped people build this kit was at a Make:SF workshop at the TechShop in Menlo Park.

Here’s a timelapse video of the afternoon, shot with a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam on an Eee PC 4G running Booru Webcam 2.0.

The capture interval was 5 seconds.  I used Quicktime Pro to stitch the images together at 15fps and iMovie to add titles and music (Turbo Outrun by FRP from remix.kwed.org.)

I wore my Halloween costume for most of the afternoon.  What am I?  Most people on the streets of San Francisco had no idea…

Kit Building Party

Safety first!
Kit Building Party

Stuart was the first to finish his kit:
Kit Building Party

Soldering the kits together to form the matrix:
Kit Building Party

Nine happy kit-builders with the 3×3 matrix they created with their finished kits:
Kit Building Party

And lastly, a video of the 3×3 matrix in action:

Three people had little to no soldering experience at the beginning of the afternoon.  Everyone who came went home with a working kit.  Success!

Retro Wireless Handset in Make: Magazine

DIY Telephony: Retro Wireless Handset

Volume 20 of Make: magazine, which hits newsstands on November 15th, includes an article I wrote about DIY Telephony titled “Retro Wireless Handset.”

The article is based on my Bluetooth Handset Hack and includes additional illustrations and step by step instructions to help you build one of your own.

If you are a Make: subscriber, you can read the article via your digital edition subscription.  Non-subscribers should be able to click here for a sneak preview.

Make: is the one magazine I look forward to the most throughout the year.  I am very excited to be a part of Make: and hope to contribute again in the future.

We rocked the Maker Faire!

Sadly, the Maker Faire is over – but it was totally awesome!  Kylie, Tony and I gave out hundreds of moo cards and stickers, met lots of Makers, and spread the word about my DIY wireless streaming internet radio project.

Here’s a pic of me and Tony during the second day of the Faire.  Tony built the awesome wooden enclosure for the project.  Last week, he decided to come up from Los Angeles at the last minute to see what the Maker Faire is all about.  Based on the grin he had all weekend, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back next year.

2009 Bay Area Maker Faire

My project won an Editor’s Choice ribbon!  Here’s a very happy me with Phil Torrone and Limor Fried of Make/Adafruit Industries:

2009 Bay Area Maker Faire

I took lots of photos!  Check em out.

Sneak peek at my finished Wifi Radio project!

While I’m busy working on part ten of my series on building a wireless router-based DIY streaming internet radio, I couldn’t resist sharing a few photos of the finished project.

If you want to see the radio in person, stop by Expo Hall Booth 166 at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA this weekend.  I’ll be there to demonstrate the radio and answer questions!

Finished Wifi Radio

Finished Wifi Radio

Finished Wifi Radio

Finished Wifi Radio